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Geschichte von der englischsprachigen Seite toiletstool

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Geschrieben von einer Userin namens "Emma". Sie wurde in einen Streich verwickelt:

"When I was a teenager I was in Girl Scouts. We’d go on camping trips, often staying at a campsite, with tents to sleep in a toilet block to cover those needs.

Being away from home often made my digestive system become less regular. Anyhow, one night I was getting ready for bed. I walked over to the wash block to clean my teeth and felt the need to poo. I was quite pleased as I hadn’t pooped for several days.

I found a cubicle, checked it has toilet paper, and went in. Now these toilets were dark and not very pleasant so I’d do my trick of hovering over the toilet seat without actually sitting on it.

I started to poo. I could feel the poo inside me actually working its way out as my arse hole opened wide.

But then I felt a strange, warm, sensation on my bottom. I carried on pushing poo out unaware what was happening. Then I looked down and realised that somebody had put Saran warp all over the toilet seat. I tried to stand up however the poo hanging out of me started to fly forwards. I tried to steady myself and ended up slipping and my bottom falling right into the mound of poo that had collected on the Saran wrap. It felt disgusting.

I stood up and decided that I might as well finish my poo, so carefully hovering my bottom over the toilet let the last bit out. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I just wiped my bottom with large wads of toilet paper, leaving all over the cubicle floor.

I snuck back to my tent and didn’t tell anyone. I was so embarrassed.
The next day everyone was talking about it. People had taken photos of the cubicle with poo everywhere and laughing about it. I just pretended to laugh along and kept quiet about the fact that I had been the victim of the prank. To this day, nobody knows that I was the one who fell the the Saran wrap prank!"