Gewaltiger Schiss in der Mall

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Gewaltiger Schiss in der Mall

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Dies ist einer von vielen Texten, die sich auf der site finden lassen. Die Autorin ist eine junge, vermutliche kurvige Frau, die sich den nickname „Bloated Butt“ gab, was so viel wie „ausladender Hintern“ heißt.
Sie muss sich nach einer Woche Verstopfung ziemlich anstrengen, der Akt der Befreiung wird dabei von einer Freundin begleitet.

I finally did it: HUGE poop at the mall

Hey everyone. Sorry its been a little while since I last posted, but i've been busy with stuff. But I do have something worth posting: for the first time in years, I actually pooped in a public restroom. It happened yesterday, on Wednesday June 18th, and my friend Alicia and I had gone to the mall. I haven't been to the mall in a little while and that's why we went.

Since it was a weekday afternoon, it wasn't that busy. We basically just walked around in different stores looking at clothes, but we never tried anything on. I always have trouble shopping for clothes because of my body type: I've got huge wide hips and big butt, but my waist and shoulders are slender, so nothing fits right and its a huge pain. Anyway, I was feeling a powerful urge to poop. The last time I had pooped was on Sunday, the 15th, so I figured I was due for another BM. As we walked around, I could feel the tip of a massive log just poking at the inside of my butt, and I kept clenching my huge soft round buttcheeks. Fortunately there weren't a lot of people around but Alicia noticed when she was standing behind me, and I confessed that I had to poop really bad, but I didn't want to go to the public toilet so I kept holding it.

We kept walking around but the urge kept building. My stomach rumbled and I started passing gas as we walked. Once we were standing on the upper level and I was leaning against the railing looking down, just people watching, and suddenly I felt a huge bubble of gas making its way to my butt. There was no one near us so I stuck my huge butt out and "FFFFFFFFFFAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRT!" It was LOUD.

"Holy crap" said Alicia.

I blushed, "Sorry." But then the urge to poop got even stronger and it seriously started pushing against my anus. It felt like a massive firm torpedo was about to shoot out of my butt. The urge was so strong that I couldn't stop fidgeting. I clenched my butt and thighs together and bounced up and down slightly.

"Are you okay?"

"I have to poop so bad" I said in a loud whisper, moving one hand over my big round butt.

"The restrooms are right over there", she pointed and I could see them. There was no one around and there probably wasn't anyone in there, but the last time I had used the public restroom was maybe four or five years ago.

"No, I hate public restrooms", I whimpered.

"Come on, I'll go with you. There's no one around."

I kept resisting for a couple more minutes but finally relented. I'd feel guilty if I made Alicia take me home, after all. Clenching my big soft voluptuous butt, I walked over the restroom, trying not to waddle too obviously, with Alicia behind me. We went in and there was a row of stalls, all thankfully empty. There was a big stall at the far end, and we quickly went into that one. It was big enough for ALicia to comfortably stand in there with me, and she could move far enough back so that people wouldn't see her feet from beneath the door.

My heart was beating as I quickly lowered my long skirt to mid-thigh and plonked my huge squishy butt onto the toilet seat, and sighed. My wide curvy hips and sides of my huge butt stuck out over the sides.

"Try to be quick" said Alicia, standing next to me.

I immediately started pushing, "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMkay...." The huge log started coming out slowly with every push. I'd catch my breath and push again, and it just kept inching out, stretching me wide. I felt like I was laying a gigantic brown egg, it was so big and thick and firm! I wrapped my slender arms around my stomach and leaned forward until my boobs almost touched my knees, and grunted. I was trying so hard to push this massive poop out as fast as possible so we could get out of there, but even with all this effort it just took its time. It was just too big.

"Oh WOW, sweetie." whispered Alicia. She could see how much effort I was putting into this, grunting and gasping and pushing, as the minutes went by.

"Sssshut uppppppnnnnnnngggggg!" I managed to say. "I wish I was at home..."

Alicia was about to say something when suddenly the door opened and someone came in! We both were DEAD SILENT as this mystery lady took a stall and sat down. I had a HUGE log stuck halfway out and I wanted nothing more than to just bear down and plop it all out, but didn't dare! I just sat there with Alicia, not daring to breath, while this lady started peeing! Thankfully she just had to pee, though, because soon we heard her wiping herself. Then she stood up, pulled her pants or whatever up, flushed, went to the sinks and quickly washed her hands and left.

Alicia started giggling and I said, "See? This is why I hate public restrooms"

"Hurry up then! We've been in here for like 15 minutes!"

I was about to start pushing again when suddenly the door opened again and another lady came in and quickly took a stall. I looked at Alicia and she just shrugged.

We waited while this second lady pee'd but before she was done another lady came in and took yet another stall. The first lady finished peeing and flushed, but over the noise we heard yet ANOTHER person come into the restroom! I listened with dread as I heard this third person walk closer and closer to our stall, and my heart sank as I saw her go into the stall right next to mine!

I looked at Alicia and mouthed "Oh my GOD" silently, and she whispered back "Just go! Nobody cares!" I shook my head. I just couldn't bear down with a complete stranger right next to me! I cradled my bloated stomach.

One of the other ladies left and then I heard the lady next to me start pooping. Alicia was trying not to laugh and I started frantically trying to shut her up. We both sat there while this lady had a BM, and I wondered how anyone can just do it that easily in public. She was done after only a couple of minutes and we heard her wipe, flush, leave the stall, wash her hands, and leave.

When we were alone again, I immediately started pushing as hard as I could. The log came out only a little bit more, widening. I had to stop and catch my breath.

"It's been almost a half an hour" said Alicia, looking at her phone.

"I'm trying to hurry."

"Is it almost out?"

"Its like halfway, I think"

"Well then get up and let me use the toilet, I have to pee really quick."

I stood up and stepped away from the toilet, holding my skirt and underwear around my thighs, my big jiggling butt exposed, while Alicia quickly sat down and started peeing.

"Bend over and let me see it" said Alicia. I turned away from her and bent over, pointing my big butt at her. I felt her grab my buttcheeks and spread them wide, exposing my log as it plugged up my anus. My heart was beating.

"Oh my God, its like as thick as a Coke can!" she said loudly. She let my buttcheeks go and they slapped together heavily, jiggling.

"Shush!" I whispered, because I could hear someone coming. My heart sank as the the doors to the restroom opened and a woman and two girls came in. One of them was maybe 5 or 6 and the older one was probably 9 or 10. I guess they were sisters and the lady was their mom, but I didn't really listen to them because I was freaking out at this point. I moved away from the stall door and got as far away from it as I can, while Alicia stayed seated on the toilet.

I felt ALicia push me away and whisper "Dont stick your butt in my face!" The two girls were talking loudly so they didn't hear her, but I was praying that they would leave quickly. But before they could leave, another lady came in and took a stall.

I leaned down and whispered to Alicia "This is a freaking nightmare. Why is it so damn busy?!"

"If you pooped faster we'd be out of here by now."

I stood there awkwardly, holding my long skirt and underwear around my soft curvy thighs, a huge brown egg plugging my anus and stretching it wide. My huge soft butt brushed against the cold walls and I felt so exposed and helpless. All I wanted to do was poop! And everyone was taking forever! Minutes passed and everyone was still in the restroom!

After an eternity, we were alone again, and Alicia quickly got up, flushed her pee down, and I plonked down, my marshmellowy butt, hips, and thighs spreading out over the porcelain.

"Now hurry the **** up" said Alicia loudly. Fortunatley standing up and being terrified had helped move the poop along, and after a couple more pushes it started coming out faster. Nobody came in as I finally managed to lay this tremendous stinky egg, which splashed loudly into the toilet.

"Are you done?" asked Alicia.

"Hold on--" I quickly grunted as I started pushing more poop out. This was much softer and came more easily, and I didn't have to push nearly as hard, but I bore down because I wanted to get it all out ASAP. I farted a few times and pushed the last turds out. I quickly started wiping.

"Ugh, i hate this toilet paper" I said. "Its so rough."

I stood up and flushed, then we left the stall and I wash my hands at the sink. "I don't think I'm quite done, but I feel better." I said as I washed my hands.

"We've been in here almost 45 minutes."

"Only because people kept coming in" I said.

We left the restrooms and walked around the mall for about hour and a half, then left and Alicia took me home. I still felt like I had some more poop in me so as soon as I got home I went to my nice comfortable private bathroom and pooped some more. It felt wonderful to just sit there and be as loud and stinky as I wanted, without worrying about strangers hearing me. I moaned loudly as I layed another huge brown egg and stunk up the bathroom with my farts. By the time I was done I felt 20 pounds lighter, LOL.

ANyway, that's what happened at the mall yesterday. That was the first time I've used a public restroom in YEARS. I only did it because i thought it be deserted. Thank goodness it wasn't the weekend, or else there'd probably be an endless stream of people coming and going. I hope you all enjoyed reading about my experience. I dont know when I'll try doing that again!

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Re: Gewaltiger Schiss in der Mall

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Schön geschrieben :D

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Re: Gewaltiger Schiss in der Mall

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Ich frage mich ernsthaft, ob die Frau jemals ein Kind zur Welt gesetzt hat...