Christmas shopping relief

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Christmas shopping relief

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Eine weitere Geschichte aus toiletstool von einer Nutzerin namens Taylor.

I decided to go into town this weekend and do some Christmas shopping. I like to go early in the month so I can avoid most of the last minute rush from people who have forgotten to buy presents, an I like the personal aspect of shopping in stores instead of just clicking a button online. I started by going to a place called "The Range" if anyone from the UK is familiar with it. They sell everything! From toys, to DIY to furniture and everything in between. I literally spend hours there every time I visit just looking at all the things. When I was finally done I really needed the toilet, #1 and #2. They have toilets there so I decided to use them instead of being uncomfortable for the hour drive home.

I put my shopping in the car and went back inside to use the facilities. I immediately wish I hadn't but once i was in there I was committed. Out of the three toilet stalls, only the middle stall was available. The other two had "OUT OF ORDER sorry for any inconvenience" signs on them...great! To make things worse, it was the start of December but still really busy so there was at least five women in front of me, and more queueing behind me. The line was going rather quickly though so I assume most if not all were peeing.

After about five minutes I found myself at the front of the line, only waiting for the woman in the stall who was pooping. She had her jeans on top of her boots at her ankles and every few seconds I would hear a quiet splash. I looked behind me to see how long the line was and saw a girl about 13 years old stood behind me and looking VERY desperate. When I first joined the queue I had a middle aged woman behind me so she must have given up. I felt sorry for the girl and really didn't want her having an accident so I offered to swap places with her. Her eyes lit up and she was so thankful!

A couple more minutes passed when I heard the toilet flush and the door opened. A blonde woman in her late 20's came out looking very embarrassed and shyly smiled at me. The young girl ran in, slamming the door behind her and I heard the rustle of clothes as she pulled down her jeans. Moments later I heard water thundering into the bowl as she got her relief. I was impressed at the power of her stream! She had a short but much needed wee and within a minute she was out of the stall with a huge smile, thanking me again as she walked past. It was finally my turn.

I locked the door behind me and pulled my jeans and thong to my knees before sitting on the warm seat and lowering them to my ankles. Although there was a long line I was still going to take my time and not rush things. The idea of having such an audience really excited me too! I wanted to make the most of it. I started with a wee, my stream making a loud tinkle that everyone could hear and then I settled for the main event. After a few seconds I quietly farted and felt myself being stretched wide by my poo slowly making its way out of me. There was no turning back now. I simply relaxed, enjoying the wonderful feeling of my poo slowly and effortlessly coming our of me. Smiling at the fact that everyone in the room knew what I was doing. It soon broke off with a quiet "flumph" and seconds later the next piece started coming out. It too fell in the bowl with a little "flumph" shortly afterwards. I still didn't feel completely done so I took a deep breath and gave a small, but long push, pushing out four little pieces in a series of plops and a small amount of wee.

I had a quick peek between my legs and saw a piece about six inches long and an inch thick, one about half that size and a few small thin ones. The smell was awful! I gathered some toilet roll and wiped my front then got some more, wiping my behind a bunch. Luckily I wasn't too messy back there. I reached behind to flush and then pulled up my clothes as I stood, making sure everything went down okay before leaving the stall. I couldn't help but smile as I walked across to the sinks to wash my hands. I'll definitely try to have a situation like this again in the future!