School Camping Trip Experience

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School Camping Trip Experience

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Eine weitere Geschichte aus

Hello everyone my name is Alexander but people call me Xan. I'm 17 years old in second year of high school (year 11th). I have read this site for some time but this is my first time posting here.

A few months ago my school organized a camping trip. I was excited because I had never camped before. The camp was four days and three nights long. Around forty students attended the camp.

We went to the campsite by bus. It took three hours including the rest stops and we arrived at around 3 p.m. When we arrived I immediately went out of the bus to watch the scenery. There were a lake, a dense woods, and a wood cabin. I was mesmerized by the scenery.

We were assigned to eight groups to share a tent. What I couldn't believe is I was assigned in a same group with my crush, Amy. There were four boys and three girls in my group.

We were instructed to set up a tent. The groups took turn to prepare dinner for everybody. The first day was not our turn fortunately. So I decided to explore the woods.

I asked my friends if they would like to join me. My friend from my group and Amy joined me. We strolled through the woods. By the time we were walking I noticed Amy was kinda uncomfortable. I didn't ask her because I knew she was shy but I guessed she needed the bathroom. Just as I thought when we got back she immediately went to one of the outhouse.

We arrived just in time for dinner. We had mashed potato and grilled chicken. The meal was unexpectedly good, seeing it was made by other students.

The second day we went swimming in the lake. We went pretty early so the water was still cold. After playing in the water for a while I felt the need to pee. I didn't want to pee in the lake because I think it's gross.

I searched for an outhouse and found one in a rather secluded side of the lake. The outhouse was a joined two-seater. I tried the first door but it was occupied. While I was taking off my swimsuit it was silent in the next partition. After I did my business I waited because of my curiosity.

I heard a silent fart then a plopping sound. The wood separator between the partition was pretty run-down and there was a gap in the back. I peeked from the gap and saw one of my classmate sitting. Since I saw her from the back I didn't know who it was. There was a pretty large log exiting her anus. I think she was straining or holding it because of another person in the next partition.

I exited the outhouse because I didn't want to took to long. But after I exited I quietly waited outside to hear her. After a few second I heard a large fart and some thud of poop hitting the bottom. Then I heard a sigh of relief. I left the outhouse and returned to the lake.

A few moments later I noticed a girl coming back from the outhouse. It was my friend Felicia. She seemed more relaxed than before. I asked her where she was been. She blushed a little and said "Umm, I was just taking a walk in the woods." I just nodded and said alright.

We also had a lot for lunch and dinner that day. Before we went to sleep I headed to the outhouse for a pee before bed. On my way there my friend told me that the outhouse was clogged. No big deal so I went to the woods to take a piss.

The third day we were going to have a barbecue night. So in the morning we prepared to gather woods for the bonfire. After I was ready I headed to the tent where the girls were to call them.

Just outside the tent I overheard them talking. One girl in my group, Laura, who was rather outgoing asked if they had took a dump while in the camp. She said she had been trying to go but was unsuccessful. The other girl said she already took one in the cabin restroom. She said it was much better than the outhouse. Amy muttered that she hadn't had a number two since the camp started.

I called them to get going to the woods. Then I asked Laura what they were talking about. She just smiled and said "None of your business dummy!" Our group then went to the woods.

When I was gathering the woods I noticed Laura was talking with Amy. Laura then announced that she would have a bathroom break. Then they went together into the deeper part. I secretly followed them from a distance.

Laura stopped near a bush and lowered her jeans. She asked Amy to gather some leaves. Amy then went looking for plants with soft leaves. Laura squatted down and then let out a stream. A while later she was still squatting but not wiping. Then a hard rocky turd slowly exited Laura's anus. She seemed to be struggling. She stretched her butt with both of her hands. After what seems like a hard struggle a solid turd went out. She sighted in relief and let out some gas.

Amy returned but Laura told her to look away because she was not done yet. Laura then let out some softer logs. About three long soft poos went out of her, that must be a relief. She called Amy to hand her the leaves. She thanked her and started to wipe. It only took about three wipes till she was done.

After they left the area I went to see Laura's result. There were one large turd about the size of my forearm and three thinner logs. I was surprised that this thing could come out from Laura. I joined my group and returned after gathering enough woods.

At night we built a large bonfire. We were roasting all kind of stuffs such as marshmallows, corns, sausage, etc. I was having a great time then I noticed Amy barely ate anything. I guessed she needed to take a dump.

About an hour and a half later most of my friends already went to their camp to sleep. I am used to stay up late so I stayed at the bonfire, relaxing while enjoying the night time scenery.

Suddenly I saw someone getting out of my group tent. It was Amy, she looked pretty uncomfortable and holding her stomach. Then she walked towards me. I asked her what was wrong. She said she needed to go to the bathroom but she was scared to go alone. She told me the outhouse was still clogged and she would need to go in the woods. I told her not to worry and accompanied her.

We went to the woods and sought for a good spot. She lowered her skirt and squatted down. She asked me to look around for her. I couldn't help but sneak a peek at her.

She peed a long stream, while peeing she let out a 'pop' fart. She said "Sorry about that, I couldn't hold it any longer." She readjusted her position for a bit and began to push. A log started to crown out of her anus. She kept pushing and a long poop slowly exited her butt. Immediately after the log came out Amy let out a long fart. I could smell it even though I was about three meter. It reeked a strong smell of a healthy poop.

She kept pushing and another thinner log came out of her butt. I asked her if she was done yet. She responded "Sorry Xan, I think I got more to go. I haven't gone for about three days." I said it was okay and to took her time.

After a while she rapidly let out a lot of small poops. She let out some farts in between them, they sounded like "prrrfftttt-pfffttt-pttt". She apologized profusely for the smell. I told her not to worry and let it all out.

She ended her dump with a long airy fart. She asked me if I had any paper on me. I checked my pockets and luckily I had some tissues. I gave her the paper, she thanked me and started wiping. While she was wiping I observed her dump. It piled up with a height of about twelve centimeters. After about five wipes she pulled up her panties and readjusted her skirt.

She looked much relieved but she was all red from embarrassment. I said to her not to worry about it, we all need to poop. She sighted and said "Uhh, thanks for accompanying me Xan. But please don't tell anyone about it. I'm so embarrassed about it." I smiled at her and walked back to our tent. Both of us then went asleep.

The next day left the campsite really early, at about 4 a.m. We packed up our stuffs and our tents. Most of us still half asleep, including me. On the bus I tried to catch some sleep. About an hour in the road the bus stopped on a rest area for us to have breakfast. We had breakfast at a small roadside restaurant.

After breakfast I needed the bathroom. I checked the bathroom and it was a single stall unisex. I opened the door but there was a girl inside. I saw a poop dangling between her legs. I immediately closed the door and apologized. The girl said it was her fault for forgetting to lock the door. I listened outside and heard some more splash. After a while I heard a toilet paper being rolled. She flushed and went outside. She was still embarrassed from that incident. She apologized again telling me she was not used to locking the door at her house for her after breakfast poo. I went inside to do my business. There were some skidmarks on the bowl.

We got back on the bus and went to the school.

I would never forget this experience. Anyone else have any camping story? Feel free to share it here.