Late Night

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Late Night

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In dieser Geschichte berichtet ein Mann, wie es ihm gelungen ist, in der Arbeit eine Kollegin beim großen Geschäft zu belauschen.

I was working late in my office at 9pm with my colleague, Cindy. Cindy's a 36 year old photographer. She's very fit, tanned and shapely, and on days when she isn't taking pictures but editing (which is the moment of this story), she wears a comfortable tight T-shirt and a short denim skirt.

She eats a lot and when she often complains about constipation. She says she gets so constipated sometimes her ???? bloats slightly. On this night, when she was editing pictures, she told me she feels quite uncomfortable as she's only managed to produce tiny pieces for the last 5 days, and her ???? is bloated.

I made her my special concoction of prune juice, butter and some cereal - the same concoction I made for my wife, Judy. I told her to skip a meal and then eat that. It works better on an empty stomach.

I saw her eating the concoction at the pantry at about 7pm. She was still at her desk at 10pm when she suddenly shot up and bend over, grabbing her stomach.

She then quickly rushed to the only available toilet at that time. All toilets are locked except the one near my desk. This toilet is hardly used because the door doesn't seal very well. In fact, if you sat at a certain angle, you could see the whole person sitting on the toilet through a gap.

I saw Cindy enter that toilet. She closed the door. Through the aforementioned gap, I saw her lift her denim skirt and lower her black panties to her ankles Then she sat, her knees wide apart, as if straddling a horse, her upper body leaned forward, her forearms folded across her stomach. She was pressing on a stomach as she strained.

When she strained, she looked dead ahead, her eyes locked on to something, like a cat looking at its prey. A few times, she exhaled through her mouth.

Suddenly, there was a large plop and then a deluge of liquid. Urrgggg, Cindy. The flow of liquid continued and it is followed by a PLOP, than PLOP PLOP PLOP PLOP PLOP PLOP PLOP. 7 times, I counted. Cindy sighed as she flicked her fringe from her face.

She then turned sideways, pulled some toilet paper, and proceeded to wipe. She wiped abut 6 times, got dressed and flushed.

She was much happier as she thanked me for the concoction. She then ate some supper as her appetite improved.