Toiletstool: Poop with a friend

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Toiletstool: Poop with a friend

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Klingt zwar nicht sonderlich glaubwürdig, regt aber die Fantasie an. ;)

Jane the Poop
Poop with a friend

A couple years ago, I had a close friend that I was quite attracted to. We took a road trip one day and in the middle of it, we were about to pull up to a place to have a picnic and watch the water. I was also needing to go to the bathroom. I saw her squirming a bit, and asked how she was feeling. She said she needed to make a number two and was glad we were stopping. I told her the bathroom was the first thing on my agenda.

We park, and both leave all our things in the car and move quickly toward the ladies bathroom. I went in first and took the first stall of three. I probably wouldn't have been so bold, but she took the stall right next to me. My heart was pounding because not only was I about to take a major poop in front of a girl I liked, but I was going to hear a girl I liked "make a number two." We both sounded eager to drop our pants, she was wearing these light colored jeans I always liked on her, I remembered them as I listened to her pull them down and set her quite large butt on the toilet. As soon as her ass hit the seat, she heaved a sigh and said, almost without control "Oh... poop..." each word echoed by a huge blast of air and what sounded like humongous turds. I was almost too turned on to relax, but I was glad she broke the ice. She was never shy anyway.

I pushed and grunted a bit, feeling comfortable enough in her big poops having just blasted the toilet. A wide poop stretched my anus, and fell in chunks at about ten inches for about six good poops. She grunted pretty hard and I could hear another poop crackling out of her. Hers fell, and so did another of mine. She started getting a little gassier, more poop coming out with force seemingly every time she breathed. I was making a pretty big mountain. I held it in for a minute and listened to her. Her gas had settled down but she still had steady crackling punctuated by chunks of her poop falling into the bowl. I was impressed by what a big, solid dump she was taking.

I flushed my toilet after a moment, and sat, holding back a large load of more big poops, listening to her endless pooping. Poop after poop crackled and plopped out of her large behind. But once I couldn't hold it, I moaned and released another big load of poop, faster and harder than I had been doing before. I heard her pooping lighten a bit, as though she was listening. I almost felt like I was having a competition with her, or we were impressing each other.

We both stopped a moment and she said, "Wow... I mean, I really didn't know I had to poop so much." I said, "That makes two!" We sat for a moment in silence. Her toilet flushed and for a moment I thought she was done. "You still poopin?" I asked. She responded by pushing out a big poop and laughing in that deep voice of hers. Then she dropped another poop, and another. Soon I was going poop again too, and then out of nowhere she said, "I um... I'm going to be a while. Do you... have you ever... do you want to watch it come out?" I thought I was going to die. I tried to sound casual when I said, "Shit, gotta try new things, right? You weirdo!" in a playful way. I wasn't really done pooping, but I wiped and flushed, poop still splashing into her toilet. She unlocked her stall door and held it in for a moment as she stood up. It was intense when she stood up because the stall was tiny so she was pressed against me with her pants down. She looked into my eyes and we both blushed. She proceeded to turn around, no easy task with such a big bum, and straddled the toilet. I squatted down and leaned against the stall door. She moaned softly, and a giant poop began to emerge from her asshole. Like at least two and a half inches wide. It moved with some speed, and then I noticed the mammoth load already underneath her curvy body, perched regally on her trashy park bathroom toilet. She looked back and met my eye and I thought I was going to lose it, in terms of being turned on. By the look she gave me, she knew I was feeling something.

I told her she should flush and she did, but I was sad to see that load go. But as soon as she did, her butthole opened up wide and she began making poop into the toilet once again. Since I hadn't finished my own dump, I was starting to need to release some more beasts. I made a bold move and started undoing my pants. "I'm sorry," I said, "But I've gotta poop more and I can't make it back over there," as I slid up behind her on the toilet. "Hey! I'm pooping here already," she said, but by her giggles, gasps and glances, I could tell she was just as turned on as I was. "Well make room," I told her. And she did.

As soon as I could scoot forward enough to not make a mess, a huge poop flew out of my ass and splashed both our asses. I felt like she was about to complain but dropped her own ass-splashing poop into our toilet. Poop continued to come out of us for several flushings, both of us grunting and me definitely enjoying the proximity. I couldn't believe this was happening. She continued dropping ropes of poop into the toilet for a long time. Banana-like pieces of poop were coming out of me, and she was dropping chunks for a while. She moaned and started working one out, grunting. "Big one, huh?" I asked. She responded, "Nnnnrrrgggh, yeeah... ughhh, oh, it's pretty big." I scooted back and she kinda presented her ass to me by arching her back so I could get a better view. It was impressive. At least three inches wide, moving pretty slow, dark brown and smooth, it grew in the course of six or seven minutes to at least 18" long before breaking off and causing her to heave a sigh of relief. After that, I moved back into my spot up against her to poop some more. After a flush and another few loads of poop, I began to wrap up. Soon she was finished as well, and we sat a moment in silence.

"Okay... that was definitely trying new things. Do, um, do you want to wipe me?" That freaked me out a little, but I said yes, got some courage and we took turns bending each other over a bit over the toilet and wiping each other's bums. At the end of it, we were both still a little awkward (had been the whole time), but her normally not-affectionate self grabbed me gently under my ears and pulled my head into her shoulder and then slid her hands down my back and closed herself into me for a tight, close, tender hug. She sort of almost kissed my neck, and we stepped back, walked out of the stall, without saying a word, and had our picnic by the water. Nothing happened after that, we never talked about it, and continued being friends for years, just leaving that as a cherished memory that I sometimes wonder whether or not it really happened.

Sometimes it's weird, right?

Smooth moves, my pooping friends.
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